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Joshua Le Mare 1772 - 1847 Ebenezer Robert Le Mare 1797 - 1881 Richard Le Mare 1814 - 1893 Alfred Le Mare 1843 - 1917
Ebenezer 1848 - 1939 and Sarah Le Mare 1849 - 1913 Ernest Bristow Le Mare 1880 - 1963



A Note on the Family in the English Silk Industry by Peter H. Le Mare. A Family History by Richard Le Mare, 1889
Soldier And Policeman by Arthur S. Le Mare (1926) Notes on the History of the Huguenots by John Constadine 1921
Manchester Records Will Of Joshua Le Mare, 1772-1847
Leigh Records Will Of Robert Le Mare, 1734-1794
Funeral Expenses of Joshua Le Mare Le Mare Addresses in Spitalfields
Indenture of Samuel Le Mare, 1719 4 Blossom Street
Le Mares not known to be connected Descendants of Pierre Le Maire as a PDF File created by T.J. Le Mare 19.03.2021 in 4 parts
Deryck Le Mare and "Special Mission 43" The Family Tree as a PDF File created by M.D. Le Mare pre 2005 3m long
Gladys Le Mare's report on her escape from Singapore Armorial bearings
Samuel 1839 -1925 AL & HSJ in the Lake District 1869
William Byles Book PDF

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